Limar Air King TT Helmet
Limar Air King TT Helmet

Limar Air King TT Helmet

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At Limar the race for better performance never stops.

After the huge success of the Air Speed, the helmet developed with the collaboration of the Astana team, we now bring you the evolution of the Air Speed for time trial, The Air King.

A model specifically developed for racing against time. If Air Speed explores the best balance between aerodynamic performance in controlled conditions (wind tunnel) and behaviour in real environments (road and velodrome), Air King represents the peak of this concept applied to a single specialty: Time Trial


The tests carried out in the Magny-Cours wind tunnel in France allowed us to translate all collected data into a shape, the shell, literally shaped by the wind. The air flows freely around the helmet design, meeting no obstacles. The entry is through the three central openings and the ventilation is guided by specific deep internal channels. Thanks to the Venturi effect the flow is constant; the exit from a single back opening completes the wind trail and the bottom closure prevents the formation of turbulences.


Every detail in the Limar Air King has been studied to satisfy the most demanding cyclists during the most challenging competitions. The shield in polycarbonate is perfectly integrated with the helmet design and the new Air Fit adjustment system is light and compact, granting both horizontal and vertical adjustments, in perfect connection with the straps, offering top fit, accordingly to the strictest standards of safety and comfort.


The Air King comes with a magnetic visor that is shaped to give maximum visibility and enhance the aerodynamic airflow around the helmet


In an independent Wind Tunnel test at the Boardman Performance Centre the Air King tested fastest against other major brands TT Helmets.

Put simply if you want to go faster, start saving watts now with the Limar Air King TT Helmet


monoshell in-mould

Air vents

3 front, 1 back. 8 longitudinal inner channels

Sizing system

AirFit-System with height adjustment and webbing connection


Antibacterial and washable comfort pads



Size (cm)

M (54-58) L (57-61)

Weight (g)

M 350