Limar Air Pro

Limar Air Pro Helmet
Purpose – Road
£229.99 inc Custom
Minimum of 10 helmets per design

Limar AIR PRO helmet boasts an extremely innovating production process in the use of carbon fiber in the construction of the helmet due to its high mechanical resistance and lightweight, the carbon becomes the heart of the helmet.

Main feature is the CARBONCORETECH:
the 3K carbon coupled inside with EPS gives top resistance core. Two structural wings merge with the side ribs of the shell, creating a highly performing cage.
So far carbon is used as an astectic finish, the 3K carbon is now co-moulded with EPS in 5 layers, not as a simple film (only one or two layers maximum). It is the same process used for building bike frames. In this way it takes an exceptional mechanical resistance, allowing the use of the thinnest thickness. The carbon now becomes the soul of the helmet, acting with the expanded polystyrene to create a highly performing cage in terms of safety and allowing to optimize ventilation on the head of the riders, and the aerodynamics of the air flows around the helmet.

The pyramidal surface of the longitudinal ribs reduces the impact pressure since it cuts the air and allows a smooth sliding. The very thin carbon wings allow easy inflow and improved air circulation. The extended tail prevent turbulence: the mathematical simulation CFD datas integrated with Wind Tunnel tests with the Astana Pro Cycling Team demonstrated an increase in aerodynamic efficiency of 20% compared to the LIMAR Ultralight+ model, proved also by the several tests achieved in velodromes/wind tunnels (tests in real-life environmental conditions with Astana Team riders).

At the center of every design phase there has always been the Man, the one who must wear a helmet and feel really good wearing it: a design that does not respect this requirement fails from the beginning.
The design of Limar AIR PRO helmet is the result of this meticulous research to achieve extreme performance in an aesthetically satisfying look.