Limar Air Master

Limar Air Master Helmet
Purpose – Road, Triathlon
£129.99 inc Custom
Minimum of 10 helmets per design

In mould triple shell technology, slick fit, compact design are the starting points for the development of our new helmet The goal of the Limar AIR MASTER was to project a compact and extremely aerodynamic helmet, granting at the same time the maximum ventilation for highest performances during the hottest conditions.

Thanks to the tests performed inside the Wind Tunnel in Magny- Cours, France, during the design phase developed with the Astana Pro Team , we have worked on every detail, even the smallest one, to reach the perfect combination, never seen before, between aerodynamics and ventilation.

The success of this design was most evident when Astana Rider’s choose to wear the Air Master in the 2019 Tour Down Under in near 40 degree temperatures. With its 15 air vents and the inner flow channels circuit, Limar AIR MASTER helmet offers fantastic ventilation thanks to the Venturi effect:
- the venturi effect is when air enters a wide area and exits through a smaller area which naturally accelerates the air flow through the helmet.

- the entry of a large amount of air without compromising the aerodynamic performance,
- the air circulation inside the shell with consequent release of the accumulated heat, keeping the head cool.